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Hound the alarm! A dog is going to speedrun at AGDQ 2024

Awesome Games Done Quick is of course coming back with some more great sounding speedruns for 2024, but obviously the one you’ll care most about is the one with the dog.

Every year, twice a year, we’re treated to some of the best speedruns around at Games Done Quick, all in the name of charity. It’s a consistently excellent event to witness, and can even give you entirely new perspectives on games you’ve loved for a long time. Sometimes, you’ll also discover games you’ve never even heard of. And then on the rarest of occasions you’ll see something truly special; say, for instance, a dog called Peanut Butter doing a speedrun.

No, I’m not talking about a person speedrunning a game wearing a lifelike dog suit, and I don’t mean a dog-themed VTuber either. I really do mean a dog, a shiba inu specifically, called Peanut Butter, will be speedrunning the 1985 NES platformer Gyromite at AGDQ 2024. This particular furry friend belongs to speedrunner JSR_, who you’ll predominantly find as the one who does the speedruns. But, as you can see on Speedrun.com, the top spot (and only spot) for the Game B – Dog Assistance category belongs to JSR_ and Peanut Butter; and they even beat the game in 25 minutes.

Obviously Peanut Butter wasn’t doing all of the work by himself, JRS_ does tempt the shiba inu to press certain buttons with treats, but all the inputs were done by Peanut Butter himself. “No assistance, autofire, macros, or save states were used,” reads the description for the run. Impressive! All the more impressive when you consider that the R.O.B. the Robot category, which is how you were technically meant to play the game, is only 24 minutes and 39 seconds.

The full schedule for AGDQ 2024 hasn’t been released yet, but you can check out all of the other games that are set to appear. This particular AGDQ will be raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and will take place over January 14-21.



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